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Greater Chicago Functional Health, Inc., Physicians & Surgeons  Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Elmhurst, IL

* Any results from our services may vary from person to person.


“I have had type II diabetes for 10 years now and was on 7 medications and my doctor said I had to go on insulin. I have 2 stents and my kidneys were starting to fail. After 6 months on the program I have lost 25 pounds, am only on 1 oral medication and feel better than I have in years.” Joyce H. *

“I have lost 30 pounds and feel better than I have felt in years. I have gotten off of insulin and am now on a low dose of metformin (with my doctor’s recommendation). I am sleeping better and have more energy than I’ve had in 20 years.” George B. *

“Dr Powell and Greater Chicago Functional Health has provided me with knowledge and scientific facts that has finally answered all my questions concerning my health.  I can finally work on solutions to be completely Disease and Drug Free!!  I am optimistic with Dr Powell's assistance, we are on the right path!”   C. Hayes *

“You have my 5 star rating!

I am diabetic and was taking a lot of medications.  After being on insulin for a year or so and I was gaining weight, and had no energy.  Finally they put me on Victoza and that was the "straw that broke the camel's back"!  I was tired of living.

Then I found Dr. Powell who promised he would be able to turn my life around.  And that he did! Dr. Powell started me on his plan right away.  Within a few weeks I started losing weight (about 40 pounds to date!) and getting my energy back.  Now it is several months since I started Dr. Powell's program and I have energy, joined a health club where I exercise regularly, and feel like a human being again.

It does take a lot of effort and motivation to buy and prepare all the right foods, and follow the plan.  But the results more than make up for that!

Thank you Dr. Powell for helping me achieve such a great improvement!  I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a way to counter their diabetes and improve their life!”   Rob T. *


Patients typically see increased levels of medications, and eventually go to injections. Vision problems, cardio-vascular complications, kidney damage, and amputations are the progression of the disease. This is why with type II diabetes the life expectancy is 7-10 years less than normal.


Our success with diabetes type II is due to the evaluations, testing and implementing the needed changes that are unique to each individual. Follow up testing verifies the results.


To qualify you need to put your health a priority, be willing to make some changes in your lifestyle, and willing to learn a new way without the dependence on drugs.