Nutrition is paramount to reversing type 2 diabetes. However, nutrition alone cannot heal your body and reverse your disease. Each one of the areas below makes significant contributions to your overall health. Our bodies are pretty resilient, but at the end of the day, they require basic care and maintenance in order to function properly.

5 Foundations for Reversing Diabetes That Go Beyond Diet

Foundation 1 – Sleep

After diet, sleep is one of the most important functions to maintain good health! Sleep is when your body and mind repair and reset themselves. A proper amount of quality sleep is what allows you to wake up feeling renewed and refreshed. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body does not have the opportunity to perform renewal processes, which is crucial to your overall health.

Poor sleep is linked to an increased risk of developing diabetes!

Foundation 2 – Exercise

5 Foundations for Reversing Diabetes That Go Beyond Diet

Generally, most diabetics can benefit from increasing activity levels, even with something as basic as a mild walking program. In fact, for some, an intense fitness routine causes more damage than benefit. I advise starting slowly and increasing your level of fitness as your body is ready for higher levels of activity.

If you are suffering from uncontrolled blood sugar or diabetes, it is best to begin a fitness routine under the care of a functional medicine practitioner!

Foundation 3- Microbiome

5 Foundations for Reversing Diabetes That Go Beyond Diet

The microbiome is a colony of microbes that inhabit your digestive tract from your mouth through your colon, with the largest density living in the colon. At any given time, there is a competing balance of healthy microbes and dangerous microbes. The objective for good health is to reduce the growth of toxic microbes and enhance the proliferation of healthy bugs!

Eating WHOLE foods that are free from pesticides and including prebiotic and probiotic foods in your daily routine are the first steps in repairing an unhealthy microbiome!

Foundation 4- Oral Hygiene

While we focus a lot of attention on the microbes within the gut, the mouth is also home to a variety of microbiota that work to keep your tissues and teeth healthy.

In fact, those with gum disease have an increased risk of developing insulin resistance, inflammation, and type 2 diabetes!

There is a “domino effect” of unhealthy pathogens in your mouth compromising the microbiome within the gut. Using charcoal- and probiotic-based toothpaste is a healthy alternative to commercial brands.

Foundation 5 – Stress Management

5 Foundations for Reversing Diabetes That Go Beyond Diet

Chronic stress causes a series of hormonal changes that negatively affect the immune system, increase inflammation, and reduce one’s ability to metabolize glucose! Learning how to utilize tools like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and Qigong can help condition your mind and body to deal with stressors with less physical damage!

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