Meet The Doctor

Dr. Richard Powell D.C.


Dr. Richard Powell, D.C., has been practicing chiropractic medicine for 34 years, and has been practicing functional medicine for more than 10 years. He earned his undergraduate degree at The University of Idaho, and continued his education at The National College of Chiropractic, where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

Staying current in the most cutting-edge practices, Dr. Powell has seen the benefits that functional medicine has brought to many suffering from chronic ailments. That is why over the last 8 years, Dr. Powell has intensely directed his focus towards reversing type II diabetes and providing his patients with natural alternatives for managing thyroid disease.

Dr. Powell understands the necessity of individualized treatment and tailors his approach to the unique needs of each of his clients.

Our Medical Team

Taking a different approach to chronic disease

At Greater Chicago Functional Health, we believe that every symptom is a signal from the body that points toward an underlying, and often hidden, health issue. Our medical professionals have years of training and experience, and know how to read these signals. Our care focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating health problems to help you regain proper functioning.

One of the biggest health concerns that we treat is type II diabetes. We help people from all over the country who are tired, overweight, and sick taking drugs that don’t truly help them surpass this condition. If you want to finally start owning your life and refusing to let this condition determine your fate, we will help you.

At Greater Chicago Functional Health we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to determine the underlying cause or causes of your type II diabetes. We will work together with your medical doctor to reduce your medications, and teach you how to live a healthier life.

This is one of our most inclusive treatment procedures that we perform for our patients, and the results for those with type II diabetes are spectacular. We have been performing and perfecting this treatment for 29 years and are confident you will see the results you are so desperately seeking.