When diabetes is left untreated, it can cause a surplus of health complications such as eye disease, nerve damage, and heart and kidney damage. So why would anyone want to delay treatment? Even with all of these potential risks, that is exactly what is happening. According to a news report from CBS 2 Chicago, a re
cent study found three in 10 adults with Type 2 diabetes put off insulin treatments, for about two years.

Two years! Northwestern’s Dr. Amisha Wallia explained to CBS 2 Chicago that in just a two year span, patients with untreated diabetes have increased infections and acute blurred vision, that will only worsen and cause severe damage if treatment is not sought.

Every year, millions of americans are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and most are shocked to find out. Such was the case for local Chicago resident Mark Pence, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes despite being physically active and eating relatively healthy.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Northwestern’s Dr. Amisha Wallia, says that the shock of the diagnosis coupled with misconceptions about diabetes and the practices to treat it are just some of the reasons type 2 diabetics delay treatment. So she says, “prevention is always the key.”

For Pence, he received treatment, made changes to his lifestyle and eating habits, lost weight, and is now considered pre-diabetic.

Staying on top of your health and making changes now can significantly reduce your risk of developing diabetes and all the other health complications that accompany the diagnosis. It’s important to recognize the risks and symptoms of this deadly disease and stay on top of your health.

Programs like functional medicine can provide comprehensive testing and treatment plans without the use of insulin or other medications. These clinical approaches look for allergens, deficiencies, and dysfunctioning within the body that could be causing the diagnosis. From there they customize a treatment plan based on those findings.

Functional medicine has helped numerous patients reduce their symptoms, reduce and eliminate their need for medication, and get back to living the life they love. So stay on top of your health and don’t delay proper treatment. Know your risks, identify the signs, and find a treatment option that focuses on whole body health.

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