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Dr. Richard Powell

Dr. Richard Powell, D.C., has been practicing chiropractic medicine for 34 years and functional medicine for more than 10 years. He earned his undergraduate degree at The University of Idaho and continued his education at The National College of Chiropractic, where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.


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The Diabetic Shift

The Diabetic Shift Book

The clinical model that Shifted the diabetic paradigm and turned it upside-down.

This book will allow you to discover how others have been able to reverse their diabetes, reduce and eliminate drugs and insulin, lose weight without exercise, reduce and eliminate risk factors for diabetic complications and even become non-diabetic.

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Dr. Powell Diabetes Book - Treatment for type 2 diabetics

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What do our clients have to say about their experience?


“So Dr. Powell changed my life I am very happy with it. I encourage people with diabetes –you don’t have to be on medicine to live a clean healthy life.”


“Thank you, Dr. Powell, for helping me achieve such a great improvement! I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a way to reverse their diabetes and improve their life!”


“Dr. Powell has helped me change my diet and create a lifestyle that I am not only comfortable with, but can easily put into action.”


“I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes six years ago when I was 60 years-old. During these six years I have never once heard any of my doctors mention that you could reverse this disease until I heard Dr. Powell speak at a luncheon. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Powell and I am so happy and excited that I did! A month and a half later, I have dropped 18 pounds, cut my diabetes medication by 80% and my blood pressure and cholesterol medication in half. I have more energy than ever and I am sleeping over seven hours a night which I haven’t done in years! I highly recommend that if you are diabetic, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Powell, you will not be sorry that you did.”


“Powell. Dr. Powell has helped me change my diet and as a result I have already lost around 25 pounds and am so full of energy!”


“Dr. Powell and Greater Chicago Functional Health has provided me with knowledge and scientific facts that has finally answered all my questions concerning my health.”


“Doc Powell not only gave me that information, but he also gave me additional information that I can use to start living a life that works for me.”